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iUSA – the iPhone App Everyone at the Pulse of U.S. Policy, from Hill Staffer to Advocate to Journalist, Needs Right Now

The entire U.S. government — and its history — have just gone mobile. With today’s release of iUSA and iAmerica, two game-changing iPhone apps by USA Interactive (, iPhone users can instantly access everything from their local government to the White House, research, connect, get involved in public service, and access U.S. history on a fun, engaging, completely mobile platform.
The first portal to government created in the private sector, iUSA is the only application of its scope available to mobile users. Just how comprehensive is it? iUSA indexes every government resource and makes it all easily accessible by iPhone(TM) and iPod touch(TM) users.
“Although some iPhone apps have created bits and pieces of what we have done with iUSA, we are the first to put it all together, plus much more, in one application,” stated Larry Minikes, president of USA Interactive. “iUSA is an essential application for students and teachers, journalists, businesspeople, travelers and visitors.”
USA Interactive bills iUSA, the paid version of the app ($4.99), “The Pocket Guide to the United States of America – Her History, People and Government.” It is so much more than just a guide, however: iUSA is designed to educate and promote participation in all levels of government by putting the most current public policy information at citizens’ fingertips.
To make it easier to gain information about the government and its inner workings, iUSA culled from the best public sources available, including the Library of Congress, the White House,, Wikipedia and the National Archives — all organized in an easy-to-navigate interface.
iUSA also features a concise history and background of every U.S. President, along with the history of each state, the White House and the Capitol, and includes access to every important document generated throughout U.S. history.
For students and educators, iUSA offers over 125 of the best federal government sites for learning and teaching; users can also write to the President and lawmakers directly from their iPhones.
For travelers, iUSA provides contact information for all U.S. Diplomatic Missions, along with direct 24/7 emergency government contact services anywhere in the world. iUSA takes full advantage of “Government 2.0,” enabling users to follow the federal government on the top social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.
iAmerica, the companion free iPhone app, is a subset of iUSA providing the history of the U.S. through its Presidency.
“Now, in one resource, people can access U.S. history, collaborate in open government, stay abreast of daily White House and Congressional events, explore public service opportunities and much more,” said Minikes. “Everyone can better understand our past and participate in helping to shape our future, thanks to the new iUSA iPhone app.”
The applications are available for download at the following links (17+ rating required as iUSA and iAmerica allow Internet access):

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