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iSoBusy Fake Call App for iPhone

The first iPhone app from a new partnership is released and in the iTunes store. A strategic partnership called iBeSilly formed by Detroit technology leader Stout Systems and branding expert David Brier of DBD International creates a new generation of entertainment apps. The result is iSoBusy, The Ultimate Social Repellant, designed to call its owner anytime or on an immediate basis with any of the 23 pre-recorded “accomplices” who will rescue its iSoBusy owner from any situation in business or social settings.

Co-creator David Brier states, “iSoBusy arose from the fact that so many people dread long-winded meetings, socially odd circumstances and even family gatherings. Just look at the number of Web sites devoted to ‘boring meetings’ or Hollywood scripts devoted to how dreadful someone’s family gathering was–or worse, a disastrously bad blind date. Some people simply need a bit of help extricating themselves from those situations.”
The concept was a simple one: Enable iPhone owners to have believable alibis to excuse themselves. Partner John Stout states, “There already existed ‘fake call’ apps whose limitation is that they primarily offer a ringing phone and little more. We wanted to add more believable dimension and the entertainment side of the puzzle.”

Brier’s team at DBD International developed a menu of 23 “accomplices” who bail the user out. Once an accomplice calls, they continue to talk until the user terminates the call. Accomplices include a contractor with ADD, a French Maitre d’, a family attorney, a promotional call from hell, an oriental dry cleaner calling about that stain he can’t get out as well as the family members one cannot go without: mom, dad, sister, brother, daughter on a spring break and the bodily pierced son. One of the most hysterical accomplices is a call from a Nigeria statesman with a very sincere offer that will make the iPhone owner an immediate millionaire.

Just weeks after its release, cultural newspaper Volume One noted that iSoBusy was “the best-ranked application of its kind.”

iSoBusy also has a Virtual Accomplice Recording Studio, the first and only fake call app enabling owners to create up to 17 original callers. Users can even change caller names and add photos of friends, family and co-workers to make the ruse as authentic as possible.

Promo codes of iSoBusy are available for editorial review purposes.

About iBeSilly: Industry leaders David Brier and John Stout spearhead iBeSilly, an iPhone app development company, whose goal it is to enrich the quality of laughter of iPhone users with entertaining and non-offensive iPhone apps. Their first app, iSoBusy has as its mission to “turn life into an elimination round.”

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