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Developer Lists iPhone App for Sale On eBay

Those interested in having their own iPhone app may have the chance to bid on one on eBay. As reported by Macworld, a developer has listed a ready-made app for sale on the auction website with bidding having reached almost $400 as of Friday.
As noted in the report, Rod Cambridge listed the app for sale due to plans to take a six-month programming sabbatical. Cambridge is quoted in the report as stating of what his leaving would mean for those currently using the app, “The app will work and update in the same way… I’m actually including all the back-end server side code in the auction, too, so end users won’t notice a thing.”
Cambridge is further quoted as stating of his future development plans, “There’s definitely a future in [developing for the iPhone]… With the right app, a decent marketing strategy, and a bit of luck, you can make a tidy amount from app sales.”
Bidding for the app will reportedly close on Wednesday, August 12.

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