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iPicolo and iPicEd iPhone Applications Now Available at the iTunes Store

Moobila announces the release of two photo uploading and editing iPhone applications. Dubbed iPicolo and iPicEd; both applications are available now at the iTunes store.

iPicolo gives users the ability to instantly upload pictures the moment they are taken. Taken pictures can then be uploaded to a variety of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, PicassaWeb, or Flickr. iPicolo gives users the ability to keep their friends and family updated with picture messages and photos with just a click of a button.

iPicEd gives users the ability to edit, pictures on the iPhone. Users can either load the application, take a picture, and then begin editing, or simply select from any photos on the iPhone. This application works hand in hand with iPicolo, as edited pictures can then be uploaded.

Both applications enhance the iPhones photo capturing and sharing capabilities. According to Abrahim Zaidi, COO of Moobila, “Both iPicolo and iPicEd work as alternatives to the iPhones already built in camera. If you want to take a picture and upload it to your favorite social networking site, iPicolo is the only application you need. However if you love to edit pictures you can do that using iPicEd before uploading them.”

Moobila develops iPhone application platforms. These platforms can be customized to create iPhone applications specific to our customers’ needs. For example the iPicolo platform can be customized to create a photo uploading application for any photo-sharing website.

About Moobila:

Moobila is a mobile iPhone application Development Company focused on creating intuitive custom-designed corporate applications. Moobila shortens iPhone development by leveraging its pre-built iPhone platforms, expertise in image processing, video streaming, and photo editing. The company has a strong background in multimedia, social applications like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, while having extensive experience with Google integration into handheld device applications enabling them to develop easy to use solutions for the Web 2.0 mobile world.

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