Locc.us Launches iPhone Application Which Helps People Explore the World Around Them and Share Their Location with Friends on Popular Social Networks

Locc.us announces the launch of its iPhone application which provides location based services to allow users to discover local information and share their location with friends on Facebook(R) Platform and Twitter.
Locc.us is a geo-social aggregator and is built upon APIs from multiple services. With the Yelp API, users can find local businesses. Geotagged public photos can be browsed through the Flickr API. Wikipedia articles with geographic information are obtained using the Geonames.org API.
Locc.us is also built using Facebook Connect and allows users to publish their location to their Facebook friends via the stream. In addition, Locc.us connects to the Twitter API and allows users to update their status with location information. Within the application, users can view the location of all their friends on these social networks who have checked in with Locc.us.
Developer Tom Kincaid says, “Locc.us is sort of a Swiss army knife of tools to help people manage their geo-social lives and leverage the power of multiple services through a single simple interface. I look forward to integrating many other exciting APIs and providing richer functionality within social networks.”
Locc.us is a product of Tom’s Apps, which develops applications for social networks and mobile devices. Tom’s Apps have over 500,000 installs across products built on Facebook Platform, MySpace platform, iPhone platform, and others. Tom’s Apps are on the web at http://www.tomsapps.com.
The Locc.us iPhone application is available from http://locc.us .
Locc.us and Tom’s Apps are owned and operated by Thomas Kincaid.
Facebook(R) is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.
This product uses the Flickr API but is not endorsed or certified by Flickr.

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