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Flixster Launches Movies 3.0 iPhone App

The largest, fastest-growing online movie community gets even better today as Flixster launches version 3.0 of “Movies,” its incredibly popular, free iPhone app.
The newest version of “Movies” offers functionality that the app’s existing users – which crossed 6 million for the first time last week – have been eagerly awaiting. The new features include easy movie ticketing via; digital-download integration with iTunes; movie rental queue management with Netflix; local restaurant listings through Yelp; and an overall improved interface that enhances the social features that are the heart of Flixster.

Flixster has seen the popularity of “Movies” soar, with user growth of 83 percent between January and June 2009. “Movies” from Flixster is by far the leading mobile movie application on the iPhone, with an estimated 20% market share of all U.S. iPhone users.

The popularity of the “Movies” app has led to additional mobile growth. Flixster now offers movie apps for the Palm Pre, the Blackberry and Android based devices.

Flixster has become the single fastest-growing online source of movie information, and is also available on Facebook and MySpace, in addition to Combined, more than 20 million unique users a month visit Flixster’s movie community. Flixster has consistently been one of the top five free entertainment apps for the iPhone, and is in the top 30 of all free applications.

“Planning a trip to the movies is a one-stop experience with Movies 3.0,” said Flixster founder and CEO Joe Greenstein. “It lets you search for recommendations from other users, find your local showtimes, invite friends, purchase tickets, make dinner plans and even choose your in-home entertainment – from wherever you are.”

“Flixster is changing the way people discover and spread the word about movies they love, and Movies 3.0 is designed to make the Flixster experience even better,” Greenstein said.

Movies 3.0 is available for free at the iPhone App Store. Enhancements to additional mobile apps from Flixster are in development.

Launched in January 2006, Flixster now offers its users access to more than 1.9 billion user movie ratings and more than 19,000 movie trailers, plus quizzes, games, photos and details about more than 75,000 movies. Visit Flixster at for more details.

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