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Mr. Driller Launches for iPhone and iPod touch

Fan-favorite Mr. Driller digs his way onto Apple’s App Store with new play modes and controls designed for the iPhone/iPod touch. Namco Networks, a leading publisher and developer of mobile, iPhone and PC games for mass-market casual gamers, today announced the upcoming worldwide availability of Mr. Driller for $.99 through Apple’s App Store.
“This fun action puzzler is the first title from the new Apple Games Group at Namco and is a good representation of the variety we’ll be bringing to the App Store,” said Jonathan Kromrey, general manager for Apple Games for Namco Networks. “We are focused on creating games for everyone. If a player is looking for a fun, quick game, we’ll have great games like Mr. Driller. If players are looking for a deeper, longer, more immersive experience, we’ll offer them that as well. All of our games will be offered at price points that reflect the gameplay experience. Mr. Driller is a great game for $.99.”

In Mr. Driller, the town has been overrun by mysterious colored blocks and it’s up to Mr. Driller to get to the bottom of it. Armed with his mighty drill, Mr. Driller must drill through the blocks to find the source. The fast-paced puzzler features three game modes:

Survival Mode offers three difficulty levels.
Arcade Mode challenges players to reach the goal on 500m and 1000m levels.
Time Trial Mode pits players against the clock as they try to beat 10 different levels.
Mr. Driller has three control types: D-Pad, Swipe and Accelerometer. D-Pad is located at the bottom-left of the screen and is used to move Susumu (Mr. Driller) right and left while the drill button on the bottom-right is used to drill. Swipe allows players to swipe around the bottom-left of the screen to move Susumu while the drill button on the bottom-right is used to drill. Accelerometer control allows players to tilt the device to the left and right to move Susumu while tapping the drill button to drill. There is also an auto-down feature that automatically moves Susumu down the screen as the blocks are broken.

Mr. Driller also includes Facebook Connect, so players can post their scores to their Facebook wall and share their scores with their friends.

For more information on Mr. Driller or other iPhone/iPod touch games by Namco, please visit or NAMCO NETWORKS on Facebook.

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Namco Networks America, Inc., a subsidiary of Namco Bandai Holdings (USA) Inc., is a worldwide leader in cutting-edge, digitally distributed casual entertainment including mobile, iPhone and casual PC games. More information about Namco Networks products can be found at or at

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