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Apple Macintosh News and Information™ Taking iPhone Apps to a Whole New Realm

AppShows™, a company dedicated to creating customized high quality iPhone app demos and video tutorials, has officially launched their service, Appshows™ creates vibrant iPhone app demos that showcase the features and abilities of iPhone apps.

As one of the first to specialize in this niche market, has already received significant buzz about their demos. AppShows™ allows iPhone app developers to get their app noticed in the clutter of apps available these days. An AppShows™ iPhone app demo communicates an app’s features and abilities in a brief and dynamic fashion, with a customized combination of music and narration. A. Rasouli, the founder of AppShows™, says that “our demos have helped the application developers and the application users… developers are seeing downloads increase, while users are truly understanding the full extent of an app’s capabilities. It’s a win-win situation.”

Based in Los Angeles, AppShows™ consists of a group of individuals that are dedicated to creating unique methods to showcase the abilities of iPhone apps. AppShows™ was created after much dissatisfaction was noticed among iPhone users that would download an app without understanding its full potential, and ultimately becoming frustrated with the app, and deleting it. This caused disgruntled users and developers.

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