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Launching a Business with an iPhone

Would-be entrepreneurs now have a new tool at their disposal — the “Start Your Own Company” application for the iPhone. The app sells for .99 in the App Store and you can find it by searching for “starter cards.”

The application offers a streamlined, step-by-step approach to launching a business – and is the first iPhone app to actually walk users through the potentially overwhelming process of becoming an entrepreneur.

The “Start Your Own Company” iPhone application is a 15-card excerpt of the 52-card printed deck of Starter Cards by the same title. While the app covers crucial steps in the Launch process, the printed deck also covers the Vision and Follow Through phases of building a company, along with important Milestones.

If this app is well received, Starter Cards will release an expanded iPhone app of the full 52-card deck.

“Anyone who’s wandered the book store or looked online for information on starting a company knows there’s an enormous amount of information out there,” says Elizabeth Cogswell Baskin. “The point of the Start Your Own Company app is to provide a simplified map of the process.”

For more information on Starter Cards, including free tip sheets on starting a business, visit The printed deck of “Start Your Own Company” cards has also been featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Starter Cards is currently developing the “Build Your Brand With Social Media” and “Become An Author, Step By Step” starter decks.

Starter Cards is a division of Tribe, Inc., a marketing company working with national and global brands. Clients include UPS, Chick-fil-A, The Home Depot, Coca-Cola Enterprises and Porsche. Tribe, Inc. is a registered member of the Apple iPhone Developer Program. Special thanks to programmers Stephanie Baird and Ladd Usher. For more information, please visit

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