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Proloquo2Go iPhone App Shakes up Assistive Technology Industry

AssistiveWare(R) today announced the release of Proloquo2Go(TM) 1.1, a major update to the first consumer device-based communication solution for people who cannot speak. Initially released in April, Proloquo2Go is shaking up the assistive technology industry: an iPod touch with Proloquo2Go ( costs 5 to 20 times less than dedicated devices it rivals in power, flexibility, portability and easy of use. Proloquo2Go already serves thousands of people who could never before afford a communication device.
“As evidenced by articles about Proloquo2Go in USA Today and on the front page of The New York Times, Proloquo2Go is sending ripples through an industry that is not used to solutions that can be purchased in any electronics store and on Apple’s App Store,” said David Niemeijer, AssistiveWare’s CEO. “While dedicated devices cost anywhere between US$2500 and US$8000, an iPod touch (US$199), a speaker case (US$40) and Proloquo2Go (US$189.99) are within reach of family and school budgets. Users and speech-language pathologists love Proloquo2Go and over 75 assistive technology centers already include it in client evaluations.”
Version 1.1 adds British voices, voice personalization and other innovative features.
“The price is so compelling,” said Dan Herlihy, owner of Connective Technology Solutions, “and the software and hardware platform on which Proloquo2Go runs is so radically improved over current devices in its category that, if not quite a paradigm shift, Proloquo2Go markedly raises the bar for accessibility, ease of use, and affordability.”
While some people need dedicated devices, an iPod or iPhone with Proloquo2Go brings communication within reach of many people with autism, Down syndrome, apraxia, ALS, cerebral palsy and victims of stroke and others who could never before afford a communication device.
“I program Proloquo2Go at school side-by-side with high-end expensive dedicated devices,” said Margaret Griffin, a speech-language pathologist. “It is so much easier and faster to set up and adapt Proloquo2Go than other technologies. AssistiveWare really captured human interface in a way far superior to any other AAC device maker.”
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AssistiveWare is the worldwide leader in innovative assistive technology software for Mac OS X and iPhone. AssistiveWare and Proloquo2Go are trade names and/or trademarks of AssistiveWare B.V. All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners

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