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S1 Debuts Mobile iPhone(R) Application

S1 Corporation (Nasdaq: SONE), a leading global provider of financial services and payment software solutions, today announced the availability of S1 Mobile’s iPhone application, which is a unique user interface or “skin”, as part of the newest addition to its suite of banking and payments solutions.
Consumer use of mobile applications has skyrocketed as over 1.8 billion have been downloaded from the App Store(SM) and there are more than 75,000 different applications available. Although the popularity of specific iPhone applications changes regularly, mobile banking applications have frequently held top positions in the finance category for free applications on the App Store.
Recent industry statistics from AdMob indicate that iPhone customers spend an average of over 80 minutes each day using applications on their iPhone. The iPhone application creates a significant branding opportunity for the financial institution. Every time a customer selects an application to run, the financial institution is afforded the opportunity for brand reinforcement by having their logo on the iPhone as one of the potential applications for their customer to choose. Beyond brand recognition, this also helps reinforce the concept that consumers’ banking needs can be met anytime and anywhere.
As iPhone popularity and usage continues to increase, the need for financial institutions to offer compelling and convenient mobile applications is vital to maintaining a loyal and growing customer base. S1’s new iPhone application will empower financial institutions to deliver innovative customer touchpoint solutions that level the playing field across their markets. S1’s Postilion and Enterprise banking customers can now enhance their mobile banking and payments offerings with a tailored iPhone application that fits the needs of their mobile users.
“We are experiencing growing demand for mobile banking in our markets and anticipate even greater penetration of users with the increasing use of smartphones, particularly the iPhone,” said David McCulley, EVP and CIO, American State Bank. “As a leader in our market, we are thrilled to partner with S1 to be among the first community banks to offer an iPhone application for mobile banking.”
Unlike most other iPhone mobile banking solutions available today that launch users into the bank’s web-based online site, S1 banking customers can complete a variety of secure mobile banking functions easily and conveniently within the application itself. Some features include checking account balances, making transfers, paying bills, reporting a stolen card, or being connected to a voice banking system. Customers are also able to search for local bank branches and ATMs using GPS and, when needed, can view the Google Maps(TM) mapping service inside the application.
“We are excited to offer an iPhone mobile banking and payments application as the newest addition to our family of solutions for the S1 customer base,” said Johann Dreyer, CEO, S1 Corporation. “Since its launch, customer pilot programs and experiences have been extremely positive and we have seen increased interest for the feature across the markets we serve.”
About S1 Corporation
S1 Corporation (Nasdaq: SONE) delivers customer interaction software for financial and payment services and offers unique solution sets for financial institutions, retailers, and processors under three brand names: Postilion, S1 Enterprise and FSB Solutions. Additional information about S1 solutions is available at,,, and

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