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Samurai of the Day App by Enigma Games is Now Available for iPhone

Enigma Games, Inc. ( announces the release of Samurai of the Day app for iPhone and iPod Touch (2nd generation).

The app joins the line up of Enigma Games apps recently added to the Apple App Store. A BlackBerry version is available through BlackBerry App World.

Xavier Moore, CEO and President said, “The samurai theme is a solid addition to our ‘Of The Day’ series of apps. We will continue our success with bringing fun ways to learn about niche interests.”

The app features a different samurai each day, and includes information about the warriors’ conquests, accomplishments, and information about their family and significance. Learn who earned the name “Viper” and who was given the title Shogun at age 11.

Samurai were the military nobility in Japan for over 1000 years. They were to live their lives according to an ethic code that emphasized loyalty, self-discipline, and respectful behavior. They used a wide range of weapons in their battles, including bows and spears, but their most famous weapon was the sword.

Although they were abolished in 1868, Samurai have remained popular in Japan and the West. They are popular in movies and video games such as RPG, strategy, action and fighting games as both heroes and enemies.

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