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VPI.Net Launches ‘AR3NA’ iPhone, iPod Touch Game of War, Strategy, & Tactical Duels

AR3NAAR3NA, the new iPhone and iPod touch game from VPI.Net, is now up on iTunes looking for players who want to engage in a tactical duel between you and your opponent (your “friend” or the computer.) It’s a game of strategy and war – only minutes to learn and hours to master. The launch is the latest in a series of successful VPI.Net game apps, including “Curse of the Lost Tomb.”

Here is the storyline:
“Welcome to Arenia! A land rich with wild life and minerals, Arenia is also home to two rival forces- the Emeraldians and Amthysts. Both factions wage an endless battle in their struggle for supremacy. The warriors, archers, and wizards of the Emeralidans and Amthysts embody a deadly combination of skill and magic, and your chance has come to change the tides of war!

“AR3NA is a tactical duel between you and your opponent (your “friend” or the computer). Commanding the Emeraldian army- a warrior, an archer, and a wizard, you must destroy your opponent’s team by manipulating the strengths of your army and its position on the board. Each class is identified by its health, moving range, and attack abilities.”

The key players:
Warrior: High damage within close range but limited movement
Archer: Directed, long range damage
Wizard: Powerful area attacks but limited health

Like many tactic games, AR3NA is round based, but you and your opponents move and attack at the same time. Neither you nor your opponent will know what the other person will do in each round. Only until both players have chosen a move and an attack for that round will the action unfurl.

– Multiplayer capability over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
– Fantastic artwork with awesome sprite animations and effects
– Unique classes with different attacks, health levels, and movements
– Sudden death after round 10 (Attack damage x 2)
– Plan ahead by strategically placing your army around the board before the game begins
– Great music and sound effects

AR3NA is available for purchase on iTunes. Go here for all the information:

Here is the direct link to iTunes:

Fans can also download the LITE version and leave a review:

VPI.Net was founded by Zack Zeiler, CEO & President of VPI.Net, in 1995. Mr. Zeiler, a recognized expert in games, kids, entertainment, technology and Websites has put together a team of expert game developers that work together to create the very best in entertainment. VPI.Net (The VPI Agency) has the best iPhone game developers for websites, sweepstakes, and more.

About VPI.Net
VPI.Net is a full-service interactive entertainment & marketing agency founded in 1995 in Irvine, California. At VPI, we specialize in the creation of your interactive Website, making certain that it’s easy to use, visually engaging and communicating effectively to your core audience. Additional products and services from VPI include the development, creation and deployment of games (online, printables, multiplayer, iPhone games and apps, as well as Blackberry, Google Android) as well as SMS, MMS and user generated content, tools and events.

Additionally, in-house services from VPI.Net include the creation, programming and management of instant win games, sweepstakes, contests, loyalty programs, as well as the creation of all the rules, bonding (where applicable) as well as pick, pack, and shipping of the custom promotion’s deliverables. VPI.Net also owns and operates our own state-of-the-art Web hosting datacenter.

Recently, VPI expanded our entertainment offerings to include our next generation green screen studio for film, photography and TV production that is versatile for multiple shoots to take place at the same time without overlapping of resources or space. At the same time, VPI Entertainment features a full broadcast studio for recording of radio shows, satellite radio and voiceover work. With VPI’s entertainment background, we have professionals on staff for filming, photography, show development, book and product development as well as radio shows, replication of DVDs, CDs and Blu-Ray DVDs.

For more than 14 years now, VPI.Net has been at the forefront of our client’s needs with a direct focus on their distinct needs by specializing in delivering solutions that create lasting impressions. Our expertise and ability to think outside the box assure effective online and offline relationships for our clients.

We invite you to visit VPI.Net for additional information and examples of our work.

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