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Conservative iPhone App Written to Inform the Right and Infuriate the Left

The first shot over the liberal bow has been fired by the new Conservative Talking Points iPhone App with the intent to arm conservatives with a powerful arsenal to confront and debate liberals.
With the current red-hot political climate raging, conservatives are sharpening their debating skills with the new iPhone App called “Conservative Talking Points,” just released in September. Liberals are still reeling from a left-leaning, politically charged iPhone App being rejected by Apple called “Single Payer,” trying to make the case for a public option in health care reform debate.
The Conservative Talking Points (CTP) App is not only politically charged, but is a direct attack on liberalism and the current trend towards socialism in America. The author of CTP was pleasantly surprised when Apple iTunes approved their polarizing App in just eight days. Websites like The Daily KOS were enraged that a conservative App was published on the App Store but the liberal one was rejected.
Written by a Texas conservative activist, the App boasts of being loaded with 50 political topics, filled with 205 talking points backed by over 965 supporting facts and figures. It claims to have a collection of sourced facts, historic data, direct quotes, and common-sense knowledge organized in a quick reference format for easy lookups for conservatives to utilize during a spirited discussion or a heated argument with their liberal adversaries. No bipartisanship here!
This $1.99 iPhone App is collecting numerous positive ratings and has quickly risen into the top 50 paid apps in the Reference category of the iTunes App Store. By covering heavy topics from abortion to capital punishment, illegal immigration to judicial activism, and even current legislative battles like health care reform and climate change policy, the CTP app is likely to fire up the conservative base and possibly set off the liberal left.
Glenn Beck’s latest book “Arguing with Idiots” was released nearly the same time as the Conservative Talking Points iPhone App with almost the same goal and comparable content. The author of the CTP app says, “Glenn Beck inspired me during the April Tea Party Protest event in San Antonio to create Conservative Talking Points as a way to save our country from socialism and financial ruin. Looks like we may have had the same idea.”
The goal of the CTP iPhone App is to help conservatives battle this political civil war in the arena of ideas while we still have our first amendment rights.
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