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iPhone and Web Application – Stethoscope of the 21st Century

In years past, the stethoscope has been the quintessential object in a doctor’s toolkit. Today, in the age of the internet and fast-moving technologies, iMobileHealth has announced the launch of a Web site and iPhone application that will be the stethoscope of the 21st century.
The iAorticValve application will allow doctors and patients to access and use critical aortic valve information—and have it at their fingertips in a mobile form. The application will take information spread across different sources and create a portal for connection, feedback and better health decisions. Like all of the ten-plus applications iMobileHealth plans to release, the application is designed to remove barriers and provide access to valuable and reliable health information for doctors, patients and the entire healthcare community.

Features of the iAorticValve application will include:

Searchable database: Doctors and patients can find comprehensive information about all percutaneous, tissue and mechanical aortic valves available in the marketplace, searchable by valve name or device company
My Profile creation: Doctors can enter specialties, specific procedures and valves they’ve used; patients can enter their condition(s), procedures and other details; both can enter contact information in order to facilitate patient-doctor connections and quick access to experts
Physician information: Users can access a comprehensive listing of experts, which will also contain a searchable map of all cardiac surgeons or cardiologists, information on their experience and specialties, and contact information
Blog: Users can plug in to recent news related to aortic valves, as well as original content including articles, interviews, comments and questions
PubMed: Doctors can get direct access to white papers on health-related topics through, a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health
It’s not just doctors and patients who will be impressed with the iAorticValve application. With navigational features that push the envelope, such as the new “wheel of fortune” navigation featured in no other iPhone application to-date, mobile technology buffs will appreciate the application at interface level.

The iAorticValve Application will be available for download in Standard and Professional versions, for $29 and $49 respectively. Any user can experience a free trial of the application for 48 hours prior to purchase. You can download now by visiting, or by searching iAorticValve in Apple’s Application Store from your iPhone.

About iMobileHealth
iMobileHealth is a company dedicated to transforming health and wellness by putting the power of information into the hands of physicians, patients, health professionals, care givers and consumers. Through its two subsidiaries—iMobileHealthCare and iMobileWellness—iMobileHealth strives to eliminate barriers so that people around the world can make the best health-related decisions possible. For more information, visit

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