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Mobile Brand Advertising Network Greystripe Expands its Award-Winning Rich Media iPhone Advertising Solutions

Greystripe, the leading mobile brand-advertising network, today announced a strategic relationship with Tapjoy, bringing full-screen ads to Tapjoy’s mobile mediation platform and developer community. The affiliation with Greystripe offers iPhone developers simple SDK integration to incorporate Greystripe’s full-screen, rich media ads along with the banner ads already available through Tapjoy’s SDK.

The new partnership maximizes revenue potential for mobile content developers who can now take advantage of both on-screen real estate during game play, as well as natural, interstitial pauses and breaks. This partnerships allows Tapjoy to extend its role as the leading mediation platform for mobile developers, helping them deliver ads from multiple networks while choosing those that provide the highest CPM. Aligning Tapjoy with Greystripe’s rich-media formats presents an opportunity for developers to take advantage of multiple, proven ad solutions within a single Tapjoy SDK.

“I’m very excited to learn Greystripe and Tapjoy are working together to provide developers a single platform to help us drive the highest CPMs,” explains Andy Reidel, creator of ‘Beat the Tiki’, a popular trivia app for iPhone. “‘Beat the Tiki’ uses both Greystripe and Tapjoy, and the combination of banner and full-screen interstitial ads has worked very well. It’s a natural extension to see both companies together in a single developer’s kit.”

Rich media offers higher revenues for iPhone App Developers

Greystripe’s in-app advertisements feature full screen rich-media Flash formats, transcoded for iPhone delivery and proven to deliver a higher CPM than the basic small, static banner ads.

“Tapjoy is excited to improve and broaden our service by offering a full-screen ad option to our users,” said Lee Linden, co-founder of Tapjoy. “It’s even better that Greystripe provides a unique, rich-media format. We believe this will increase publisher revenue far beyond what is currently available.”

“When done transparently, mediation companies offer developers a great way to maximize their revenue and control over the advertisements within their applications,” adds Greystripe CEO Michael Chang. “We’re excited to be working with Tapjoy to widen our base of developers., and bring Tapjoy’s unique services to our developers.”

About Greystripe

Greystripe is the rich media mobile advertising network. Greystripe’s product suite enables brand advertisers to communicate their brand message with a unique mobile audience, developers to gain advertising revenue by serving ads through their games, and consumers to play high-quality games for free.

Greystripe’s in-game advertising system is protected by a broad array of patents pending and currently serves ads into more than 1,000 game titles from over 500 devlopers supporting over 1,400 handset models. Greystripe reaches millions of mobile game players by powering over 180 Catalog distribution partners, through its online portal, on the mobile Web at, and through the iPhone App Store.

Greystripe was named the E-Tech CTIA award winner for the Mobile Marketing/Mobile Advertising category in 2009, AlwaysOn OnMedia 100 winner in 2009, AlwaysOn Global 100 winner in 2008, Red Herring Global 100 winner in 2007 and the Under the Radar Best in Show: Mobility winner in 2006.

About Tapjoy

Tapjoy is the leading platform for developers to make money from their mobile applications.

The Tapjoy SDK includes a rich Ad Optimization solution that allows developers to pick the highest eCPM ads across ten+ mobile ad networks. This solution allows developers to increase the revenue from their apps significantly.

The Tapjoy SDK also includes its unique Virtual Currency/Virtual Goods Monetization system, which helps developers increase revenue. to help improve their mobile apps and make them more profitable. Features of this platform also include rewarded installs, helping developers get more installations from their apps.

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