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YouTube video Based on iPhone Game Programmed by ScienceSoft Received Over 130,000 Views

A video based on Endless Racing Game for iPhone developed by ScienceSoft for Novocortex, a Dutch internet marketing agency, gained over 130 000 views within its first week on YouTube. Meanwhile the video scored 150 5-star ratings.

Both Endless Racing Game and the video compose an integral part of the marketing campaign of VrijVerzekerd, a Dutch insurance company. The concept and the gameplay were developed by Novocortex in cooperation with Red Graphic while the application was programmed by ScienceSoft. The core message of the campaign states that a proper insurance coverage enables the policy holder to drive the same car even after an accident as the insurer repays the purchase price of the car.

The video achieved #1 Most Viewed This Month (in the Gaming category) and #42 Most Viewed This Month (in all categories) in the Netherlands. It landed in 7th place in the Most Viewed This Week Globally (Gaming).

Endless Racing Game is downloadable for free from the App Store thank to VrijVerzekerd sponsorship. The game can be run on iPhone 3G and 3GS as well as on iPod Touch with OS 3.0 installed.

Peer-to-peer connectivity feature iPhone 3G and 3GS enabled the application to support the multiplayer mode.

The novelty of the multiplayer mode of this particular game consists in the concept behind it. Generally, in racing multiplayer applications two or more players drive a virtual car on the same race track. In the application developed by ScienceSoft the car moves from one iPhone to another assuring continuous action, provided the finish line is reached within 60 seconds on each device. In order to get to the finish under 60 seconds and jump to another iPhone, the racer has to skillfully avoid such obstacles as oncoming traffic, slow moving vehicles, and ducks crossing the road. The car is maneuvered by tilting the device, and its speed is controlled using “Gas” and “Break” on-screen buttons.

ScienceSoft Inc. is a leading Eastern European IT outsourcing company located in Minsk, Belarus. The company´s highlights include 250 experienced professionals, ISO 9001:2000 certified processes and 20 years of market experience. ScienceSoft was granted the status of IBM Core Supplier for technical services in Belarus for 2009. ScienceSoft is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

ScienceSoft´s service offerings include outsourced product development, mobile application development, software application migration, custom development, Microsoft technology consulting, and software testing. The global client base exceeds one hundred companies, from small businesses to Fortune 500 multinationals. The company possesses strong knowledge of vertical domains including banking and finance, entertainment, healthcare, telecommunication, engineering, retail, security, construction and transportation.

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