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Apple Macintosh News and Information

ClickInstall MacOSX 2.0 Builds Mac Software Installers

Software vendors can create professional Mac OS X software installers that reduce support cost, simplify the user experience and make a great first impression. ClickInstall makes it easy to create compressed, password-protected, self-extracting installers with basic computer skills. Double-click an installer on a CD or from a download to begin installation without confusing disk images created on the hard drive.
ClickInstall presents an elegant installer window with custom logo, icon and background images. The developer can include a web link to the company or product page, copyright notice, license agreement with required confirmation, help or release notes. An executable can run before installation to confirm system requirements or after installation to complete custom actions. The installer window title, buttons and text can be customized for any human language with Unicode text encoding.
ClickInstall 2.0 adds the ability to split a large setup file into multiple files or CDs. During the installation process the user is prompted to insert the next CD. Users with slow Internet access can download multiple smaller files, then double-click the Setup file for a seamless install. ClickInstall can build a Mac software installer streamlined for a PPC processor, Intel processor or with Universal Binaries for any Mac OS X computer.
During development, each installer record stores the source application folder path, images, text, password and options. Select a record and click to generate an installer ready for a CD or web site. ClickInstall supports multiple data files of installer records with access from any computer or user account on a network. This simplifies management of installers customized for different product options or human languages. ClickInstall generates royalty-free installers for any number of products with a simple, no-nonsense, one-time licensing fee.
A Single User License of ClickInstall is $395. The package includes a printed and PDF manual with a small tutorial. Download a Trial edition to create a Mac OS X software installer in minutes.
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