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Mac Games releases Zen Stones for Mac OS X

The developers of Mac Games today announced a new release, Zen Stones, a logic puzzle game for Apple computers. Additionally, a Flash version of Zen Stones is available to play online for free. Zen Stones is a logic puzzle that incorporates match three elements with strategic placement of smooth stones.

Why Zen? With the tagline “Relax, it’s just a game,” Zen Stones is meant to inspire relaxation and calm while the brain is hard at work solving puzzle levels. The dichotomy of these actions creates an impulse to continue playing, yet the game play is described by players as being tranquilly addictive.

The game goal is simple: pass as many levels as you can by clearing the board. The game board is set up with tiles on the periphery of the square. There are a few scattered tiles on the board, and the goal is to remove all the tiles in the center. In order to accomplish this feat you must click on tiles on the border, they will fly out either across, up or down and when you match three or more like-color tiles, they will disappear.

When there is not a match, that tile will stay on the board with the direction arrow on it to show players which way it will go if and when it is released. In addition, if there is a tile next to an available tile on the outside of the game board, you cannot move it. If you fill the board completely with tiles, the game is over. It’s not as easy as it sounds. It takes a little strategy, a little logic and a little luck. The luck comes in the form of bonuses or power-ups and these are numerous.

Pricing and Availability:
There’s a free online Flash version of Zen Stones on the Mac Game’s website, as well as a downloadable full version at $3.99 USD for those players who’d like to play Zen Stones offline. Lastly, an iPhone version of Zen Stones is in the works and should be ready in a few months.

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