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ViaTalk Launches First iPhone App to Manage Phone Service

ViaTalk, a leading online phone service provider, announces today the launch of its iPhone application. ViaTalk Mobile for the iPhone is the first and only application that integrates full control of home phone service to a mobile phone.

The mobile control panel interface allows users to access and control their home phone services from the palm of their hand. These services include: call forwarding, voicemail access, special routing options, the ability to view call logs and return calls, and control over security and privacy settings.

“We are happy to be able to provide the richest feature set, while maintaining the lowest price in the industry. Our new iPhone application adds to that, extending the accessibility and convenience of our online control panel to anywhere the customer desires,” added Lucas Arduini and Eric Iversen, lead developers on the project.

The application is free and available now for download at the iTunes store.

ViaTalk is also featuring its monthly VT_World add-on plan. For only $8.95 a month, customers receive 1,200 monthly minutes to landlines and cell phones in over 60 countries worldwide, including India, China, Mexico and the United Kingdom. The VT_World add-on can be added to any existing account, and is also available as a stand-alone plan for only $24.95 a month, a package that also includes two separate lines and unlimited calling to the United States & Canada.

About ViaTalk: ViaTalk is a division of HostRocket.Com, Inc., a Web hosting provider. HostRocket.Com, Inc. started up in 1999 and is headquartered in Clifton Park, New York. Unlike most tech companies, HostRocket.Com, Inc. is privately owned and has experienced steady growth.

Founded in 2005, ViaTalk serves over 6,000 individual markets spread across all 50 states, utilizing VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) to provide high quality home phone service. The company provides a variety of monthly plans, all of which include over 40 calling features.

Setting itself apart from other telecom companies, ViaTalk aims to provide stellar customer service while continuing to drive innovation in the industry.

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