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Pranayama iPhone Application for Breathing Exercises

Saagara LLC is launching Pranayama for the iPhone, an application that guides users to better breathing with the use of animations and music. Combining the power of breath with technology, the application is an easy and affordable way of improving one’s health without a lot of effort.

Due to poor breathing habits, many people breathe inefficiently and thus don’t gain the full benefits of breathing. With Pranayama, users learn how to breathe more efficiently using the diaphragm, which will enhance the way one feels and provide more energy, stamina, and focus. It’s also a great way to relax from the stresses of the day.

The exercises in the application are intuitive using distinct music for each phase of breathing: inhalation, retention, exhalation and retention. Plus, the graphics give people a way to visualize their breathing. Users can choose either the dial animation, which shows the relative length of each breathing phase, or the human animation, which demonstrates the physical aspects of proper breathing techniques. A log records how much time users spend in each stage of the breathing routine.

Pranayama by Saagara includes these features:

– A choice of three different musical styles
– Two unique animation options
– A log that records progress
– Only $4.99

Whether or not one is a student of yoga, it is obvious that breathing is fundamental to life. The intake of oxygen plays a key role in our metabolism — without it, our body cannot burn food or generate energy. A number of chronic conditions like heart disease can be significantly improved or even prevented — the key is taking the initiative in managing one’s own health and well-being. Research has shown that practicing therapeutic breathing creates beneficial physiological changes in the body. Slow, deep breathing is an effective treatment for numerous disorders such as depression, insomnia, migraines and hypertension.

Pranayama is an exercise used in yoga practices. The word pranayama comes from Sanskrit and is commonly characterized as “the science of breath.”

In addition to the iPhone application, Saagara plans to offer Pranayama via a subscription service on their Web site, which can be accessed from any computer. The service will give users access to the entire suite of holistic applications, which are currently in development. Users who sign up early will get an introductory rate of $5.00 a month fixed for the next three years.

Saagara LLC is a digital health and wellness company that focuses on a holistic, foundational approach to health through the use of the Web and mobile phones. Saagara focuses on the most important foundations of health: diet, exercise, and proper breathing, and plans to integrate these foundations into a web-based, customizable subscription service. By integrating holistic techniques with technology, Saagara will provide a low-cost way for millions of people to maintain their health and state of well-being.

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