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CodeFlakes releases PaperTouch API for iPhone and iPod touch

The iPhone introduced new UI paradigms, yet the native photo album application is just an adaptation from the desktop. Your finger is the equivalent of the scroll wheel. CodeFlakes’s PaperTouch API takes full potential of the touch screen and introduce a more intuitive way to browse your documents. With PaperTouch browse your digital documents like flexible sheets of paper.

Sure digital pictures have taken over the world of photography and, more often than not, we read on screen instead of paper. Yet we all miss the paper touch feel of old school photo albums and newspapers. Thus the success of recent digital ink screen technology. With PaperTouch, digital efficiency and real world experience never got so close. Just push a document to PaperTouch and it instantly becomes flexible like a sheet of paper. Grab a corner and flip the page like with a real world paper book. Drop it and the page smoothly gets back to its original position. It can’t be more intuitive, it’s the thousand’s year old UI of the book applied to the iPhone.

This is a great API for photo viewer and eBook applications, or any app that need original and impressive UI. As a concrete example of this technology CodeFlakes developed PhotoBook available on the App Store. Because nowadays most people just keep their photo stored in their iPhone, PhotoBook brings back a paper touch feeling to your photo collection.

Any developer can easily add PaperTouch to their app with only a few lines of code. PaperTouch integrates in any classic UI as a standard view component. PaperTouch is available starting today.

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