Cramzy Donates 5% of its Annual Profit from the AppStore to Charity

Cramzy today is proud to announce that at the end of the year they’ve decided to support the christmas spirit and donated 5% of their annual profit from the Apple AppStore earnings to charity. The money were spent for a sports gym for a children garden, where more than 380 kids play every day.

Almost at the end of 2009 Maria and Iliya, founders of Cramzy, found having positive financial balance and decided to donate 5% of the profit for charity. Even more, they decided to introduce a charity policy into the company – every year 5% of the profit will be given for a good cause making a lot a people happy.

Maria found the children garden she attended as a young girl is having troubles to collect the money for a sport facility. A lot of talented children and teachers are part of the atmosphere in the children garden “Kalina Malina” and kids like Maya, Elena and Todor were so happy to present a 30 minute show especially for their sponsors. The money were spent for tiling the walls of the sports facility. In addition to that, Maria and Iliya bought a chocolate for all the children there.

“Kalina Malina” is a children garden in Pazardzhik, a province city in Bulgaria. More than 380 children, ranging from 3 to 6 years old, attend it each year.

Cramzy invites other companies to donate some percentage of their profit (in money, sport facilities, toys, etc) even during the financial crisis, because on Christmas we should all keep our children happy and cheerful. Do things that will make you and other people feel happy!

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