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mPayy Launches Free iPhone Mobile Payment App

mPayy, Inc., an emerging leader in mobile and online alternative payments, today announced the availability of its “mPayy Mobile Payments” application from the iTunes store for free download to all iPhones and iPod Touches. The application extends functionality mPayy recently released on the Android platform to the millions of iPhones and iPods in circulation.
“The largest concentration of mobile commerce purchases conducted thus far is the more than 1 billion downloads from Apple’s App Store,” stated Conrad Sheehan, CEO of mPayy, Inc. “It’s only natural that mPayy extend its mobile debit payment platform to the iPhone, the distribution of which will only continue to grow. mPayy looks forward to enhancing the experience of iPhone applications with its secure payment services, and tapping into the incredible talent pool of thousands of iPhone developers seeking to expand mobile commerce opportunities on the platform.”

All mPayy Personal and Business accounts may use the iPhone application to make and receive person-to-person payments, track activity, and withdraw funds from their mPayy accounts to linked bank accounts. Business account holders are also able to issue refunds for any sale through the application, even if it occurred on their website.

Once members open Business accounts, they will be able to generate their own API key to unlock mPayy’s payment services, and add secure debit payments to their online or mobile websites and applications. API keys may be used to authorize one-time or recurring billing subscription payments for digital content and other services. Merchants can receive mPayy members’ shipping information via additional service calls to fulfill orders conducted through its online and mobile payments service.

About mPayy, Inc.

mPayy is a secure online and mobile payment provider that enables merchant processing for any sized online retail business, plus quick and simple purchasing for buyers. The company’s highly scalable payment platform for Internet retailers improves margins by reducing fraud and transaction costs. mPayy has created an efficient and ubiquitous payment service that enables profitable micro-payments; easy, yet secure purchases of digital content and physical goods; and free person-to-person payments. mPayy is fundamentally changing the economics of both e-commerce and m-commerce. For more information, please visit or follow mPayy on Twitter @mpayy.

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