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Apple Macintosh News and Information

RailModeller 4.0 for Mac OS X

MacRailSoft today is proud to announce the release of RailModeller 4.0, their solution for creating layouts for model railroads and slot cars on Macs. Version 4.0 is the biggest release of RailModeller in years and delivers long anticipated features like full three-dimensional planning and support for layers, among countless other enhancements.

Support for working with tracks at different heights and grades allows users to create complex model railroad layouts in three dimensions. Dedicated new features like assistants for grades or even track helixes and specialized views to visualize the grade profile of layouts take the hassle out of designing complex track plans at different height levels. An automated terrain rendering function was integrated in the 3D view to ‘automagically’ generate a landscape based on the heights defined in the layout.

A new layer system allowing up to 99 layers per layout introduces common functionality like hiding or locking layers to support users when working with complex track plans. Other changes in 4.0 include a new printing architecture for improved 1:1 printouts and a new export function for importing layouts into third party applications.

System Requirements:
* Apple Macintosh (PowerPC or Intel)
* Mac OS X 10.4 or newer
* 25 MB available disk space

RailModeller 4.0 is a free upgrade for all registered users. Close to 200 libraries are included, providing tracks and accessories from virtually any manufacturer of model railroad tracks, allowing the user to start planning their railroad empire right away.

A comprehensive 90 page PDF manual is included in the distribution. The forum at the RailModeller website provides a room to discuss questions about the application and general model railroading related topics. Free email support is available for registered as well as try-out users.

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