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gogoDocs 1.0.1 Brings Google Docs to the iPhone and iPod Touch

Sounds Broken inc. today is pleased to announce version 1.0.1 of gogoDocs, a Google Docs(TM) reader for the iPhone. gogoDocs keeps all of your documents handy by syncing with your Google Docs(TM) account to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Documents are downloaded to your iPhone while connected to the internet, and kept available for offline viewing. Background syncing, blazing fast PDF viewer, automatic bookmarking, document filtering, document sharing, and a simple, intuitive experience make gogoDocs an essential tool for all Google Docs(TM) and iPhone users. The 1.0.1 release fixes a rare bug that some users were experiencing.

gogoDocs is climbing the charts! gogoDocs is less than one week old and already in the top 100 productivity apps in 7 countries and counting.

What People are saying about gogoDocs:
* This app is truly excellent. Like best the auto sync on start-up and unique one screen to show local copied and google files and not multiple screens of other apps.
* This is a really handy viewer. I’ve been using it to read some of my larger PDFs and the pages appear so quickly. The jump to last place viewed is really handy!
* Great program, I’m able to view all of my things. I have been using it to view big PDFs, and I really like the star sync feature.
* A very good stable implementation of a GoogleDocs reader. Thanks!
* It’s so so close to being the perfect google docs app.

* Document Sync – gogoDocs gives you instant access to any document, spreadsheet, presentation, or PDF you have synced. Great for flights, subway travel, or anytime you might not have a reliable internet connection. Documents are kept in sync according to your preferences.
* Document Stars – gogoDocs makes it easy to sync your most important docs based on starred status. And gogoDocs lets you change the starred status of a document right from your phone for streamlined management.
* Documents you’ve viewed and those important docs that you have starred are synchronized to your phone by default. You may also choose to sync all of your documents if you prefer.
* Long PDF Support – frustrated with other viewers that crawl and crash on long documents? gogoDocs handles long PDFs with ease.
* Automatic Bookmarking – when you revisit a saved document, gogoDocs lets you continue right where you left off.
* Document List Filtering – scroll to the top of your document list and you’ll see a list of filters you can use to quickly organize your document list.
* Document Sharing – got a great doc you need to share? gogoDocs lets you email any of your saved documents as attachments.
* Portrait and Landscape mode document viewing, pinch or double tap to zoom in and zoom out.
* Fast document navigation.

Minimum Requirements:
* iPhone OS 3.0 or higher
* iPhone or iPod Touch (any generation)

Price and availability:
* Available from the App Store immediately on sale for $1.99 USD (regular price: $2.99 USD) and in the Productivity category.

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