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Rocketbox 1.0 – Powerful e-mail search for Apple Mail

Central Atomics has announced Rocketbox 1.0, a powerful new way of searching your e-mail in Apple Rocketbox is more advanced than Mail’s search, with search by person support, a blazing fast engine that is up to 200x faster than Mail’s, and powerful filters that make it easy to find what you need.

* Search by person – Rocketbox provides intelligent search-by-person suggestions, making it easy to see your e-mail correspondence with a person. Rocketbox’s engine analyzes your e-mail correspondence providing a list of important contacts when you search.

* Powerful filters to handle lots of e-mail – Powerful filters make it easy to deal with lots of e-mail. Filter by time, person, folder, account and more.

* Inline search previews – Inline previews show you exactly why a messages was found, making it easier to find what you need. The highlighted sections help you improve your queries and takes the guess work out of using search.

* Advanced search support – Rocketbox supports a sophisticated and powerful query language for more advanced users.

* Save time managing e-mail – Spend less time manually filing messages and instead use search to find what you need

Pricing and Availability:
Get a free 30 day trial, buy now for $14.95 (USD) or learn more at Rocketbox online.

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