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Brand Labs Releases iVoloo 2.0

Brand Labs’ release of iVoloo 2.0 marks the arrival of easy-to-manage mobile commerce for Volusion merchants.

When originally introduced in July of 2008, iVoloo was an exciting innovation for Volusion retailers, creating the opportunity for them to offer a portion of their product line in the familiar iPhone menu format.

“We knew that we wanted something more robust,” explains Brand Labs’ president, Kevin Harman. “The original iVoloo was a nice step forward, but with 2.0, we’ve got a very complete tool. Before the update, iVoloo could only display a limited number of products in a few categories, and the merchandising wasn’t very user-friendly. Now, we can deliver the mobile site populated with as much of your product line as you’d like. We can even create article pages that link from iVoloo’s home page.”

Brand Labs’ update of iVoloo was precipitated by the recent crush of studies showing that consumers are very quickly becoming more comfortable with mobile commerce. An increasing number of Americans are making purchases of non-digital products through their mobile devices but they tend to be less enthusiastic about doing so from sites that haven’t been optimized for the mobile experience.

As Harman puts it, “There’s more and more proof that if you want to compete in the 21st century world of mCommerce, your store had better be built for easy mobile browsing. iVoloo offers that mobile-friendly format to Volusion merchants and for a heck of a lot less than any custom solution we’ve seen.”

iVoloo automatically detects a customer browsing the site from an iPhone and it automatically redirects them to the mobile-formatted store. Categories, subcategories and product detail pages are all formatted to fit the smaller display, while the user is returned to the standard Volusion checkout page to complete the transaction.

“We all walk around Brand Labs with our iPhones glued to our hands,” says Harman, grinning. “Now that we have all of this statistical proof that we’re not alone, we’re very interested in using the platform to drive additional revenue for our clients.”

iVoloo for Volusion is available at

About Brand Labs

Brand Labs is the market leader in design and development for the Volusion e-commerce platform. Offering a complete range of Marketing and SEO packages, but maintaining the ability to customize programs to suit every need, they serve both small businesses and multimillion-dollar corporations. Visit, or call 1.877.837.4792 for more information.

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