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Turn an iPhone Into a Personal Alarm and Surveillance System

With the KamAlert iPhone application, iPhone users can have peace of mind, security and personal safety at all times, everywhere they go. This clever piece of software turns a mobile phone into a totally autonomous camera surveillance and Personal Alarm System and will send SMS texts, emails and photos if the user is in trouble.

There are two key features of this software:

Surveillance mode to detect movement and take photos of intruders
Two Help Buttons which can be pressed in case of either a medical emergency or if the user is in personal danger to alert the authorities

Surveillance Mode
KamAlert is the only iPhone application with a surveillance mode which converts an iPhone into a camera surveillance system. When the surveillance mode has been set, the phone will detect any continuous motion or change in light and immediately takes photos of the intruder(s). Once the photos have been taken, it sequentially sends SMS text messages, and photos via emails to the programmed contacts.

This is an inexpensive product which can be used to temporarily monitor an unoccupied property, an office with sensitive information stored in it, a hotel room, or even a room in a house which should not be entered, in place of a costly security system.

Emergency Help Button
The second useful feature of this application are the panic buttons. These can be set to quickly get help if there is a medical emergency, or the user is in personal danger from an attack or mugging. This application will give peace of mind for lone people in threatening situations, people with known health conditions who are concerned about leaving the house alone and parents who want to know that their children can easily get help should there be a problem.

To set this function, simply press either the Medical Emergency or Personal Danger Buttons to convert the phone screen to a “Help Button”. This button, if touched, will send SMS messages and emails including the exact GPS location of the user to the contacts entered into the Settings. There is a choice of up to three contacts for each of the Medical and Personal Danger modes. Selected contacts can include the ambulance service or police.

Developing KamAlert
The founding partners of KamAlert come from a background in the security business and identified a hole in the market for a mobile, easy to use and inexpensive solution to personal security. Randolph von Gans, Inventor of KamAlert, explains;

“There are some excellent security products on the market, but they are designed to either be fixed to a particular property or simply to sound an alarm if the user is in danger. With the development of Smart Phones, we saw an opportunity to produce a low cost and easy to use product which is totally flexible. KamAlert can be used in several different ways to suit the user’s needs. For instance, it can give users an added level of protection walking home alone, or be used to monitor your valuable possessions at home, in the office or on holiday.

The iPhone is an excellent platform for this security system and the programme has been developed to be intuitive and easy to use, even in the most difficult situations. It is being sold for less than 4€ via the iPhone application store, so this personal security system is open to everyone with an iPhone.”

The KamAlert is available for sale on the iPhone application store priced at just 3.99€. The developers of this product believe that KamAlert will be opening up surveillance and personal security systems to all, and will benefit thousands of iPhone users.

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