Afrobeat for iPhone and iTouch

BreakThru Radio (BTR) has announced the premier episode of Afrobeat today. DJ Meredith brings the hottest Afrobeat tracks from around the world. BreakThru Radio brings this new show to the iPhone and iTouch on-demand. Join DJ Meredith every other Thursday to hear these infectious beats and rhythms, her aim is to please on her new Afrobeat Show. So many Afrobeat artists are so underground, kind of like how hip-hop used to be and Afrobeat will bring these artists to you. Afrobeat is a combination of Yourba music, jazz, highlife, and funk rhythms, fused with percussion and vocal styles, popularized in Africa in the 1970’s.

BreakThru Radio is “Radio Rediscovered” in a world where FM is out of frequency. In today’s overly saturated music market, it is often difficult for listeners to find what they are looking for. BreakThru Radio has the solution. Listeners are given access to independent music from an expansive and diverse pool of genres, in addition to an innovative comedy platform. Offering the best in music from around the world, BreakThru Radio brings its listeners tracks recorded exclusively for the BTR audience from our live studio. BTR offers on-demand access to its shows and on-the-go iPod capability.

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