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New iPhone App for RED One

Very Nice Industries, a New York based digital production boutique, announces the release of “Vis-à-Vis: RED”, an iPhone application designed for use with the RED One Digital Cinema Camera. Vis-à-Vis: RED is an intuitive guide to the extensive menu system on the RED One. The application provides users with a fully searchable interface allowing users to quickly access and learn about specific features of the RED One.

Howard Buksbaum, lead developer on the app says, “Knowing the ins and outs of the RED One® camera can make or break a shoot. With over 200 menus and settings, it can be difficult to fully understand what every setting does and where it appears in the menu structure. As avid users of the RED, we’re excited to give something back to the community of our fellow RED users that will be really useful to them in production. Our AC and Sound friends working with RED in the field are sure to appreciate it too…”
“We spent a lot of time making sure that a user’s search for an item they’d like to manipulate on their camera is quickly and easily found on our application, making it easier for both regular users and occasional users with limited time on a RED, to quickly find and adjust parameters on the camera and get on with the business of shooting.”
VNI’s Creative Director, Danny Ameri, who’s been beta testing the app says, “We want the application to provide users with maximum utility when they’re in the field and need a quick answer. And just as RED has listened closely to their customers, we will do the same. As we receive input on the initial release of the application, we’ll definitely incorporate it into development of future releases and upgrades.
The application was also designed as a compact study guide for aspiring users of the RED. “If you’ve never operated the camera, but want to familiarize yourself with what’s in store for you when you do, you can really get in touch with the functionality of the menus right in the palm of your hand. It’s almost like having a RED in your pocket. Well, not really, but not bad if you want to stay in touch with the camera.”
VNI invites all Red One® owners, renters, operators, DPs, ACs, enthusiasts and other members ever-growing RED community to check out our newest iPhone/iPod Touch App.
Very Nice Industries puts a smile on commercial and industrial media.
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Vis-à-Vis: RED is now on sale at iTunes App store.
Product Information:
Media should request a promotional download for review purposes.
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