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Apple Macintosh News and Information Launches New iPhone App for Customers, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of, inc. (Nasdaq: DSCM) now offers a fully transactional iPhone app for the growing number of mobile commerce customers. The new app is an expansion of the mobile channel for the portfolio of brands, which also offers on-the-go shopping for BlackBerry users.

“We see more and more of our customers choosing to access our web stores from their mobile devices. In fact, in January alone, we saw mobile traffic increase more than 200% year over year,” said David Lonczak, vice president and chief marketing officer,, inc. “This is the first iPhone app in our mobile portfolio and just the start of our plans to continue to optimize the shopping experience so our customers can conveniently shop and purchase from their mobile device.” customers will find the shopping experience on the iPhone app to be convenient and easy. The app gives new and returning customers the ability to access popular site functionality, including:

Your List?, which lets customers access their shopping list to reorder previously purchased items quickly.
Familiar categories for browsing more than 200 prestige beauty brands.
Complete product information including customer reviews.
Complete integration with customers’ account information, such as preferred credit card and shipping address.
Secure credit card transactions for all purchases.
The ability to email product recommendations to family and friends directly from your mobile contact list.

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