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iCommunicate 1.2.1 for iPad

Grembe Inc. announced the release of iCommunicate 1.2.1 for Apple’s revolutionary new iPad. iCommunicate allows the user to create customized storyboards and visual schedules. An in-app purchase will allow you to record audio in any language. We redesigned the app to take advantage of the larger iPad screen. The larger multitouch screen size will enable individuals with fine motor, coordination, or visual challenges to access the app with greater ease.

Lisa Brandolo Johnson, a physical therapist, and Jeffrey Johnson, a software engineer, combined their skills along with their personal experience to found Grembe Inc. Grembe’s mission is to create quality, versatile, affordable apps for parents and professionals. The release of iCommunicate for the iPad stays true to that mission.

Jeffrey Johnson says, “We are thrilled to bring iCommunicate to the iPad. We see the potential of the larger screen size, popovers, and how beautiful the pictures look, as something we can expand on in later releases. Popovers with tips for use, and having more functionality on one screen are two things we are exploring.”

Melanie Austin, MS, CCC-SLP, director of speech and language services at South Shore Therapies says, “The iCommunicate application provides a nice multisensory way to provide schedules, make requests, and create storyboards. Most of our therapists use the iPod touch within our daily treatment sessions in order to access apps like iCommunicate and iReward. These apps are effective and useful for a variety of purposes. Another added bonus is that most children nowadays are extremely motivated by technology regardless of age or disability.” iPad is the latest in assistive technology.

Device Requirements
* iPad only
* Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later
* 14.9 MB
* This app does not convert text to speech automatically. Audio must be recorded.
* We have a separate app for iPhones and iPod touches

Pricing and Availability:
iCommunicate for iPad 1.2.1 is available on the iTunes App Store for the price of $4.99 (USD). Custom audio in app purchase is also $4.99 (USD).

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