iPhone Electronic Secretary App is a unique application for iPhone and iPod Touch to recognize speech and convert it into text.

Intervox, represented in Germany and Russia, has spent three years developing the product.

The program is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and Symbian and will soon be available for Windows Mobile, Nokia and Android.

Users will be able to write texts, emails, notes and reminders, and interact with web servers with this application. It is literally possible to post messages on Twitter, Evernote or LiveJournal on the run. The text is attached to the given date and time.

All that is needed is a mobile phone and Internet access, even a GPRS connection is enough. Then it is possible to synchronize your address book with on your mobile device, choose your recipient, dictate a message, then the application processes the speech and sends the message in text form to the addressee with a link to the voice file. The product can also be used offline to be sent for processing later. already recognizes English, German and Russian, and will soon “learn” French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. It is well known that no program can recognize speech without mistakes, but the important feature of this program is that with mistakes having been already corrected in the beta testing stage, its quality is constantly improving.

Over the three months, starting from 9 April, users will be able to download and use the program without charge. The basic package can process 50 voice messages and if needed this amount can be increased. Developers promise that in the future it will have more features, including photographs, new web services, etc.

For further information about the development of the product, email: [email protected]

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