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New iPhone Credit Card Processing App – Credit Card Machine

Paynet Systems ‘Credit Card Machine’ is an application that makes it possible to accept credit card payments right through your iPhone. In a sense, the application turns your phone into a mobile virtual terminal allowing you to securely accept credit cards. Paynet System’s iPhone credit card processing app is designed specifically for iPhone and iPod Touch, and is capable of working over any network connection available. This app allows for seamless credit card processing for all major credit cards and includes transaction details, emailed receipts, touch signature, map locator, and much more. Also included in their package is access to SecurePay, Paynet Systems web based virtual terminal. SecurePay allows for credit card processing from any computer connected to the internet. So, in addition the being able to process credit cards on your phone, you can also process credit cards from your computer. These are just a few reasons Paynet Systems iPhone application is now consistently in iTunes ‘Top 50 Category’ for free business applications.

Jack Chevalier, president of Paynet Systems, is excited about the opportunity this technology brings. “We’ve invested considerable money and resources to this endeavor and we’re certainly glad we made the decision to do so,” said Chevalier. “With the success of the iPhone app, we further invested in smart phone applications for Android operating systems and we’re currently in the development phase for Palm, Windows and Blackberry.”

For over 10 years, Paynet Systems has been providing credit card processing and merchant account services to a large range of businesses. Now with the launch of the new iPhone application software, Paynet Systems is guaranteed to be a part of the revolution in the iPhone credit card processing industry.

Business owners now have the ability to go beyond geographical barriers and make credit card payments available for their customers anywhere, anyplace and anytime.

Paynet System’s iPhone Application is perfect for:

– Contractors
– Delivery services
– Conventions and Trade Shows
– Kiosks
– On-Site Services
– Taxi and Limo Services
– Flea Markets
– Any business on-the- go

Features of Paynet Systems iPhone Credit Card Machine:

– Email recipients to your customers
– Viewable transaction log
– Supports AVS and CVV2 security features
– Free Virtual Terminal for credit card processing from any connected computer
– Encrypted and secure SSL connection assuring data security
– Manage your account online


Paynet Systems, Inc., established in 1999, is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia. We are a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, NA. Walnut Creek, CA. Paynet Systems is a leading “Full Service” provider of credit card processing solutions. Paynet Systems provides credit card processing services to retail, wholesale, mail/phone order, commercial and eCommerce businesses. The latest addition to the services provided by Paynet Systems are iPhone credit card processing and android credit card processing.

Contact Information:
Paynet Systems, Inc.
Jack Chevalier
[email protected]
Fax: 888-282-9553

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