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New Driving Instructor App for the iPhone Set to Transform UK Driving School Industry

Launched today, is the new Driving Instructor app for the iPhone, developed by Motopilot Rider Coaching, set to make big changes in the way driving instructors operate, and bringing their industry right up to date.

Driving Instructor app for the iPhone emergency stop feature
The app provides a complete solution for driving instructors, which takes advantage of iPhone’s built-in accelerometer and its global positioning system (GPS) to provide a repeatable method of giving instant and accurate feedback to students when performing controlled (emergency) stops and eco driving tasks. The app also gives the instructor an easy way of recording changes in students’ competency levels as their driving lessons progress. A simple road sign quiz is included as an additional educational tool.
At the end of each lesson, an email that comprises details of the route taken, brake training tests performed and any eco driving exceedances is automatically sent to the student. A list of all the changes in competency level is included in the email so that the student has a permanent record of their progress.
The app’s main features are:
Eco Driving – Instant feedback as to how smoothly the student is driving which dramatically improves fuel economy as well as anticipation and planning skills. Exceedances are viewable in Google Earth ©.
Brake Training – Compares student’s controlled stops to the Highway Code stopping distance table which means no more guesswork as to a pass or fail. Full graph and results given for each test. The student’s efforts can even be compared to the competency of an expert.
Competencies – Can be changed as the student progresses from lesson to lesson. All Driving Standards Agency (DSA) competencies are included and competency changes are e-mailed to the student at the end of each lesson.
The Driving Instructor iPhone app is the brainchild of Motopilot Rider Coaching’s principal, Duncan Mackillop: “The idea was first conceived because of the profound lack of ability of most drivers to use the brakes properly. I reasoned that if learner drivers had a way of really understanding how good or bad their braking performance was at the early stages of their training, then this would remain with them throughout their driving career,” explains Duncan.
Although the Highway Code gives a clear table of the expected performance for controlled stops, until now there has been no way of relating this data to real world situations. The app gives both the instructor and the learner driver real time and accurate information on the student’s use of the brakes.
The Driving Instructor iPhone app is available now, free, from iTunes:…
Three student record slots are pre-loaded so that instructors can get started straight away. Additional student driver record slots are available via in-app purchasing for less than £3 each.
About the developers
The Driving Instructor app is the first of a number of driver training apps to be launched on the iPhone by this team of highly talented software developers. With skills gathered from the aerospace and publishing industries, the team is led by the former research and development director of one of the original dot com companies.
For further information, please contact: Duncan Mackillop, Principal, Motopilot Rider Coaching, 1 Hands Paddock
Newbold on Stour, Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire CV37 8UD, 07788 563400, [email protected],

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