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Google Docs for the iPad

Accessing Google Docs on the iPad just became much easier with the release of DocsPortal 1.0 from Kabuki Vision. With its stunning interface, DocsPortal makes it easy to browse, search, and view files stored in a Google Docs account. Files can additionally be e-mailed, imported, and exported from within the app.

DocsPortal automatically downloads and stores Google Docs files right on the iPad, so they can be readily accessed even without an internet connection. Whenever an internet connection is present, DocsPortal will sync with Google Docs, so that the latest file updates are always available.

“Using DocsPortal to access your Google Docs files is much simpler and more convenient than using a web browser”, says Adam Shaw, founder of Kabuki VIsion. “As a native iPad app, we can provide access to Google Docs in a faster, more powerful way.”

* Browse and search Google Docs files and folders quickly and easily
* View Google Docs files with or without an internet connection
* Import and export Google Docs files to or from other iPad apps, such as Apple’s iWork suite

Device Requirements:
* Any iPad
* iOS 3.2 or greater
* 4.6 MB
* Any Google Docs account

Pricing and Availability
DocsPortal 1.0 is $3.99 (USD) and is available exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

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