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Turn Your FileMaker Database Into An iTunes iPhone Application

Instantly turn your FileMaker database into an iPhone iTunes Application in minutes. FMTouch Enterprise enables you to create an actual application that you can sell on the iTunes App store. There is absolutely no programming knowledge needed. All you need to know how to do is build a FileMaker database.

FMTouch Enterprise is the next revolutionary step in iPhone development for businesses. It combines the power of relational FileMaker Pro databases with the award winning FMTouch engine to deliver a business oriented app in minutes. Our wizard transforms your database into an actual iPhone application.

Here’s how it works. Create a FileMaker database on your desktop. Add some iPhone specific customizations (such as layout size and field size). Upload your database to the online FMTouch Enterprise system, follow our step-by-step wizard and within minutes have a prototype running on your iPhone or iPad. This is an official app that you can submit and sell on the iTunes App store.

It’s iPhone development without having to hire developers or write any complex code. Imagine you can now develop applications and get them in front of 50 million users. FMTouch Enterprise is the road into the future for rapidly creating business applications for any industry!

* Develop your iPhone App in FileMaker
* Supports many FileMaker Pro features
* Build iPhone Apps without knowing Objective-C, XCode or JavaScript
* Update your Apps at any time using FileMaker Pro
* Two way sync technology is integrated between FileMaker Pro solutions and your App. (Worth $1000.00)
* Powerful FileMaker control using script steps and calculation fields.
* You own the binary code and the App. Once an App is built you have an unlimited license of the FMTouch Engine for that specific App
* You can sell your solution on iTunes at any price, only paying royalties to Apple (30%)
* Distribute your App in-house or to select clients, up to 100 devices through adhoc distribution method
* You can brand your application any way you want, no where will it say “created by, or powered by FMTouch”. You control the look and the feel of the App

Most FileMaker developers have not been able to take advantage of the Apple iTunes store because it required extensive coding knowledge, or you had to hire a programmer to develop your idea. Now, the only knowledge you need is how to build a FileMaker database. If you can create a FileMaker database, you can create an App that you can sell on iTunes.

FMTouch Enterprise also offers native iPhone and iPad feature integration:
* Allows capture of photos with the camera
* GPS data capture
* Emailing of record data
* Easy dialing from records
* Map and Web launching

* FileMaker 9 through 11 for development (FileMaker Advanced is not required, but highly recommended) We do provide a free service if you do not have FileMaker Advanced.

* Apple iPhone Developer account Apple charges $99 for this. Apple requires everyone to have an iPhone development license to sell on the App store. (Apply as an individual not a company for expedited processing.

* iPhone/iPod/iPad for device testing

* If you want to offer data encryption, you will need to apply for an export license with the US government for each App. (Typically takes 30-45 days)

* Basic Subscription: 1 device app, unlimited simulator prototypes ($299 one time activation, $29.99 monthly)
* Advanced Subscription: 5 device apps, unlimited simulator prototypes ($299 one time activation, $44.99 monthly)
* Unlimited Subscription: unlimited device apps, unlimited simulator prototypes ($299 one time activation, $99.99 monthly)
* Unlimited Yearly Subscription: unlimited device apps, unlimited simulator prototypes ($999 one time activation, $649.99 yearly)
* Additional Apps: $4.99 per month for each app

Monthly subscriptions include the first month in the activation fee. Yearly subscription will charge the yearly $649.99 fee only after the first year. The monthly subscription enables you to use our Enterprise System to update your application. Once you upload your solution to iTunes, your customers may request additional features. The monthly subscription allows you unlimited updates. This means if a customer requests new features, you simply make the change in your FileMaker database, submit it to our Enterprise system, and then submit the new build to Apple.

FileMaker developers, this is your opportunity to launch your product in front of millions prospective customers – Get more traffic to your website, and use this opportunity to sell desktop versions of your software as well:

* Create niche products and sell them on iTunes -build your brand
* Sell your services to clients – provide custom apps for them on iTunes
* Create free solutions to get your name out
* Create Apps for your workplace

Get a head start on the competition, and get your FileMaker solution on the iTunes store. FMTouch Enterprise is now available.

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