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vWork Commercial GPS Tracking for iPhone

vWorkApp has announced the release of their GPS dispatch product, vWork. vWork is the first commercial GPS tracking application available for the iPhone. vWork allows field service managers to see the current locations of their workers on a map, as well as showing the locations of the work that is assigned to them.

Until now GPS tracking has been expensive and has required companies to purchase specialist hardware. vWork is set to turn this on its head by providing the same functionality for free by making use of the iPhone’s built in GPS.

Brendon Petrich, vWorkApp’s CEO, says: “We could see the writing on the wall for traditional GPS hardware companies. GPS tracking has become a commodity thanks to the iPhone. The Apple iPhone has GPS hardware built-in, all we needed to do was build smart software that took advantage of it.” He goes on to say, “vWork is a full job scheduling and dispatch system. GPS is just a part of that. We can’t see why anyone should pay for GPS by itself now.”

vWork is a new generation of dispatch and scheduling software. vWork lets users dispatch jobs, replace paperwork with electronic forms, and automate invoice and management reporting. vWork is used by a wide range of field service companies, including: home appliance repair, agricultural, and breakdown services. vWorkApp have offices in New Zealand, and are in the process of opening an office in the USA.

To get going with vWork, you will need to sign up for a free account on vWork’s website:

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