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Mini DisplayPort to HDMI

Kanex has two solutions that can turn your HDTV or other HDMI video device into a monitor with full audio pass-through.

Kanex iAdapt V2 – Mini DisplayPort to HDMI® Adapter w/ Audio Support Price: $29.95
“Kanex iAdapt V2 will allow you to connect a Mini DisplayPort equipped Apple computer to any HDMI® enabled external display such as an HD projector, monitor, or HDTV. The iAdapt V2 has a compact form factor which will allow you to carry it with you wherever you go. Take it to your hotel room on your next business trip and watch movies on the TV or to a friends house to display your content on HDTVs anywhere you go. With a sleek design and user-friendly functionality, this adapter will meet every connectivity need and expectation.” More info:

Kanex Mini DisplayPort to HDMI® Cable – 10 Ft (3 Meters) Price: $44.95
“The Kanex Mini DisplayPort to HDMI® cable is a single cable solution that supports HD video and 5.1 audio pass-through* from your Mini DisplayPort output to an HDMI display. This cable is mobile enough for you to carry wherever you go. Use it in your hotel room on business trips or watch movies from your MacBook® at a friend’s house.” More info:

Steven Sande writing on has reviewed these products:
“I tried out both the cable and the adapter with my little MacBook Air on one end and a 52″ HDTV on the other, and it worked fine. The cable and adapter have an auto-EDID feature that automatically matched the maximum resolution of my display, so my MacBook Air started pumping out 720p video immediately. The only negative, and it might be due to the HDTV I own, is that the Mac OS X menu bar was slightly cut off at the top of the screen.

Using System Preferences > Displays, I was able to switch the display resolution to 1080i, 1080p, and several other resolutions that were non-standard for the HDTV. Most of them looked great on the big screen. I was initially unable to get sound working until I used System Preferences > Sound and noticed the HDTV was showing up as a sound output source, then selected it. The sound quality was excellent through the HDTV; however, I usually send audio to a home theater unit that is connected to the system.”
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