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Apple Macintosh News and Information

H-Squared Mac mini Mount and LED Backlight

The H-Squared Mini mount replaces the circular rubber door on the bottom of the new Mac minis with a rigid mount that can be mounted on just about any surface. Put the Mac mini on a wall, under a desk or on the side of an entertainment system. The Mini mount has a VESA mounting hole pattern.

The optional backlight kit consists of a USB-powered bright, white LED that casts a cool, even glow around the Mini mount.

By replacing the rubber base that comes standard with the Mac mini, the Mini mount secures to the same metal posts on the Mac mini chassis. The end result? A Mac mini that can be mounted in any orientation and affixed to virtually any surface. What’s more, the Mini mount is basically invisible once the Mac mini is mounted. It’s our lowest-profile mount ever, but also the most secure.

The design replicates the stock base of the Mac mini, including the EMI shielding, gasket, and air intakes so your Mac mini performs exactly the same. There’s no Wi-Fi signal loss or airflow issues. In short, the Mac mini will feel right at home when attached to the Mini mount. Current price: $59.95

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