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Thursby Software Announces ADmitMac v5.2 and DAVE v8.2

Thursby Software Systems, Inc., has released the latest updates of its market-leading enterprise Mac-Windows integration, management and security software, ADmitMac v5.2 and DAVE v8.2.

With the rapid acceptance of Macintosh computers into enterprise environments, the network complexities and requirements for commercial grade solutions continue to grow.

“Although we introduced the industry’s first Macintosh SMB/CIFS solution 15 years ago, the evolution and acceptance of the Mac as a serious networking system has required us to continually improve and enhance our offerings,” said Bill Thursby, President and CEO of Thursby Software.

“The latest updates refine networked workflows around popular Mac applications such as Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, Avid and Microsoft Office, where enterprise clients feel the most challenges relative to native Mac OS X functionality.”

These x.2 updates are expected to be the last updates before Thursby’s Lion release this summer. ADmitMac and DAVE beta releases for Lion will be available to select registered customers by the end of this month.

The v5.2 and v8.2 updates are available for free to all customers under a current support contract.

Thursby introduced key Mac technologies like SMB/CIFS 15 years ago, DFS 9 years ago and Active Directory 8 years ago. The process of wide scale deployment and refinement over hundreds of thousands of enterprise Macs backed by 100% Mac-Windows engineering and support specialists is a key strength of the company’s software.

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