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Run Windows and Linux servers on the Mac mini With Parallels

Parallels Server for Mac 4.0 Mac mini edition installs on Macs running OS X Server. Once it’s running, you can install Windows and Linux server operating systems on the same machine, and those other OSes can run concurrently with OS X.

With Parallels® Server for Mac 4.0 Mac mini Edition you are able to:
• Consolidate Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server and other Windows Server applications directly on your Apple hardware eliminating the need for multiple servers saving you money, electricity & storage space.
• Extend your Mac OS X server capabilities with Linux applications like Moodle, WordPress and MySQL providing new capabilities to your small business.
• Improve your disaster recovery & failover capabilities with transportable virtual machines and integrated point-and-click migration capabilities.
Parallels® Server for Mac 4.0 is an application style virtualization technology specially optimized for Apple server hardware. Parallels® Server for Mac 4.0 installs directly onto existing hardware and its host operating system. This deployment approach, also referred to as a “type 2 hypervisor,” simplifies installation and ensures the most compatibility with drivers and devices. In addition to the type 2 hypervisor, the Parallels® Server for Mac solution continues to lead the way in innovation.
Technical Specifications
• Up to 2 vCPUs per Virtual Machine
• Up to 4GB RAM per Virtual Machine
• Support for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms
• Configuration capabilities for USB devices via host or virtual machine
• Shared folders for Windows, Linux and Mac OS guest OSs
• Integrated Parallels Updater for automatic updates
• Extensive virtual machine device driver support
• “One-click” Parallels tools to optimize Windows and Linux virtual machines

Current price: $299.00

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