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Chrome 14 Announced With Features for OSX Lion Users

Google has announced a Stable release of Chrome 14 with extras for Mac OS X Lion users allowing access to overlay scrollbars within the browser. Chrome can also can also upsize itself now , with a tap of the full-screen button or by Ctrl+Shift+F.

“This release contains two significant technologies which allow developers to create even more powerful web apps and games:
The Web Audio API enables developers to add fancy audio effects such as room simulation and spatialization.
Native Client is an open-source technology which allows C and C++ code to be seamlessly and securely executed inside the browser. Currently, Native Client only supports applications listed in the Chrome Web Store, but we are working to remove this limitation as soon as possible.

This release also contains some changes for our Chrome users on Mac OS X Lion. For all web pages, Chrome uses Lion’s overlay scrollbars, which appear only while you’re scrolling. We’ve also added initial support for Lion’s full-screen mode, triggered by a full-screen button or Ctrl+Shift+F. Finally, we’ve fixed many crash bugs, and added some all-around visual polish.”

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