Wormhole Switch Connects Mac and PC

The JUC400 Wormhole Switch from J5Create bridges Mac and PC to share a keyboard and mouse that is connected to one Mac or PC with another Mac or PC, in any combination, reports James Galbraith writing on Macworld.com

“Most keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) switches I’ve used allow you to share a keyboard, mouse, and display between multiple computers, but you can only use one computer at a time. With the JUC400, you can, for example, have two Macs running side by side. Using the keyboard and mouse connected to one of the systems, you simply drag the cursor to the edge of one display and it jumps to the other. You can drag and drop files between computers this way, and you can also open a text document on one Mac, copy some text, and then paste it into a document on the other Mac. It’s so smooth and simple you can’t believe that you haven’t always been able to do this.”

• No installation CD is required, Simply Plug-and-Play
• Mac and Windows Interactive
• Keyboard and mouse sharing between two connected computers
• Single cable solution for file transfer
• Clipboard texts and pictures sharing
• Drag & Drop to transfer your data between two computers
• User-friendly interface
• Save and/or copy your data, photos, music and/or videos from your memory card between two computers
• Conforms to USB Specification version 1.1 for Keyboard / Mouse function
• USB High-speed (480Mb/S) -of USB Specification version 2.0

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