Toktumi announce Line2 HD call management hub for iPad

Toktumi have announced Line2 HD call-management hub for iPad, which turns your iPad into a call-management hub, complete with a unique phone number and a wealth of business-savvy features., writes Rick Broida on PCWorld

“At its core, Line2 lives up to its name by endowing your iPad (or iPhone or Android device) with its own phone number. This can be an existing number transferred to the service or a new local or even toll-free number.

Your Line2 subscription affords unlimited local and long-distance calling. Texting, too. The service leverages Wi-Fi or 3G, depending on which is available, and if there’s no connection available at all, Line2 will automatically forward calls to up to six other phones.

Are there cheaper ways to make calls with your iPad? Definitely. But I think Line2 is a solid option for businesses that want to appear–and sound–professional. And its rates are certainly lower than traditional landline solutions.”

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