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Apple OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) preview

Brian Heater writing on Engadget, has posted an interesting article – Apple OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) in-depth preview.

“We got our hands on an early version of the OS — so early, in fact, that it’s something of a pre-developer build. (Heck, there isn’t even an image of a mountain lion to choose from in the default wallpapers.) The version available to developers today should address some of the kinks we encountered during our testing, not that we suffered all that many hiccups. So what’s new in this version?

As always, we’re going to reserve final judgement until we can test a final version of the OS. For now, though, we like what we see. This may not be the jump to OS 11 we were expecting after Lion, but it certainly marks a promising step forward for the OS — and one that’s arriving a mere year (give or take) after its predecessor. And as for price? Apple isn’t talking, but it seems a safe bet that it’ll run around the same price as Lion.” Read More

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