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TopTablePlanner Seating Plan Software Announce Apple iPad Compatibility

TopTablePlanner is pleased to be able to announce that the latest version of its highly successful online seating planning tool is now completely compatible with the very latest in the iPad tablet series. This update has been introduced to provide even more convenience from an online service already used by wedding planners and venue coordinators in more than seventy countries worldwide.

With this latest update it is now possible for anyone who needs to create a seating plan for events such as weddings to do so using almost any platform. To date TopTablePlanner has been widely used on both PCs and Macs, but with this latest release it can also be used on iPad, touch screen tablet PCs and touch screen mobile phones such as Apple’s iPhone. This makes TopTablePlanner unique in terms of offering both convenience and cross-platform versatility.

TopTablePlanner still offers the reassurance of having all seating plans saved and stored on its online server, allowing users to be able to access and edit their seating plans from anywhere in the world, at any time, and using almost any computer-based device. This means that wedding plans can be drawn up online at home using a PC or Mac, and then reviewed, shared and edited whilst on the move, or in meetings with venue coordinators or wedding planners using an iPad, tablet PC or smartphone. This new update to TopTablePlanner’s online seating planning service is likely to be welcomed by those in the wedding planning business.

The online service from TopTablePlanner which has been available since 2007 remains one of the easiest seating planning tools, and with iPad compatibility couples planning their wedding can now design and edit their seating plans together at home, whilst also enabling their wedding planner to review the seating plan, and make any necessary changes on their behalf. Although there are other drag-and-drop seating plan tools on the internet, most of these use Flash™ or are not compatible with touchscreen devices meaning that they cannot be used on iPads, iPhones and many other tablet PCs and mobile phones. This update by TopTablePlanner reflects the fact that more people today are using iPads and similar technology, especially within the field of wedding planning and venue coordination.

Because TopTablePlanner is entirely online, accessible using any popular web browser, there is nothing to download, and no software to install. Unlike with many other seating planning tools, TopTablePlanner can be accessed immediately using any device which has access to the internet, including PCs, Macs, iPads, tablet PCs, iPhones and other touchscreen smartphones. As there is no software to install or download, there is also no risk of losing seating plans or other data, since everything is automatically saved online, and immediately available from anywhere in the world, using any web enabled device. This adds a great deal of convenience in situations where multiple parties may need to collaborate on developing a seating plan for an event such as a wedding.

Managing Director, Adam Leyton, commented: “Since many wedding planners and venue coordinators now regularly use an iPad as a useful tool, the new compatibility which TopTablePlanner offers will be a very welcome update.”

Getting started with TopTablePlanner is very simple and straightforward, with users able to simply import their existing guest list, and then place the names of their guests onto the tables available, using an intuitive drag and drop system. Draft plans and completed seating plans can also be printed from anywhere in the world if both an Internet connection and an AirPrint compatible printer are available. Being able to conveniently print high-quality seating plans and have these displayed at the venue or handed out to catering staff and venue coordinators is a great advantage, but TopTablePlanner offers a number of additional features such as the ability to print out place name cards which can be placed on each table.

Research shows that at events such as weddings the vast majority of guests prefer having a seating plan rather than a free for all arrangement, since this often significantly improves their enjoyment of the event. Creating a seating plan enables guests with particular requirements to be seated most appropriately, and helps all guests to be able to relax and enjoy the occasion in a way the Bride and Groom will want them to. TopTablePlanner hopes that their latest update which includes full compatibility with iPads, iPhones, tablet PCs and smart phones will make the process of creating seating plans even more convenient.

TopTablePlanner was first launched in 2007, since when it has been used to help plan the seating for thousands of events in over 70 countries worldwide. A completely free trial is available, with full access costing just £10 or $20 for a six month license.