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Apple Macintosh News and Information

Final Cut Pro X New and Innovative Features

From acclaimed film directors, Canada’s The Globe and Mail newspaper, everyone from Film University to post-production powerhouse, and even famed editors, have decided that Final Cut Pro X (FCP X) is the application they need to complete their creative projects.

“With certified instructor lead classes, OS X Mountain Lion, and graphic design lessons, anyone can learn how to create film magic with the peace of mind Apple-certified support professional ACSP provides,” said Jim Johnson, Director of Sales, Southeast Region.

Thanks to the new Magnetic Timeline, sync problems and clip collisions have been eliminated. “Even if you’re not an expert with motion graphic, you will love how music, B-roll and sound effects interact together when you modify things, even the most complex projects,” said Johnson. “This is Final Cut with the power of OSX Mountain Lion; no wonder it’s such a hit with certified instructor-led editing classes.”

Graphic design schools across the country see the future. A director of film programs, explains that embracing FCP X goes beyond the typical software upgrade. Instead, it’s an effort dedicated to giving students the right skills and tools to help them be competitive in an overcrowded job market. “The media composer of tomorrow needs to be ready with graphic design training, Mac training, After Effects training, and Final Cut Pro training that prepares him for the future,” said Johnson. “So pay attention to those video editing classes, get the After Effects training, Motion 5 training, or you will face overwhelming challenges when competing for the few jobs in post-production.”

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