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G-Map – First Turn-by-Turn GPS for iPhone

The personal navigation market is growing rapidly and the downloadable applications for the top-rated Apple iPhone are creating a wide array of choices for the consumer. The XRoad G-Map, the first on-board navigation application that can locate the current position and navigate to a destination without Wi-Fi and internet connection, got a jump start when they launched the very first turn-by-turn GPS navigation system for the iPhone late in 2008 to excellent reviews.
The updated Version 1.3.1 G-Map for US West and East compatible with the iPhone 3.0 was released in July with new features and fixes, such as real-time turn-by-turn route guidance, pinch in/out function for map zoom in and out, and a list of exits and intersections to the destination.

Major Feature Summary:

— Real 3D View of intricate major urban intersections and highway junctions of 185 metro areas as shown at the WWDC 2009 presentation by Apple — Point on Map: Point to any place on a map and detailed information will appear. Whatever the destination, G-Map will find it and plot your route on the map. — Powerful keyword search engine similar to Google search using keywords — Very intuitive & easy-to-use UI — Superb UI design perfectly matches iPhone style — Navteq Map Data — Diverse geographical options for customers’ need (US East, US West, single or two State version, and more) — Special cradle for iPhone that enhances iPhone’s GPS reception and charges the battery (will be coming within a few months) — AI (Artificial Intelligence) routing — Display your own favorites and POI icon on the View Map — POI editing and memo capability for personalized POI — Flexible trip planning by adding as many waypoints as possible when creating route — Reverse routing function
G-Map has been available in the App Store for about six months and compares very favorably to some of the other systems recently brought to market.


“The user reviews for the G-Map have been very positive,” said Sean Lee, Marketing Director for XRoad GPS. “We are always keen to hear from users so we can improve our product based on their feedback.”

“A key appeal to this software is the one-time fee, whereas competing mobile phone navigators from AT&T and Gokivo require $10 monthly subscriptions,” says Consumer Reports.

G-Map US East and West are available for download from the iPhone App Store for a one-time cost of $34.95. The Canada version is $19.99.

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